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In the light of globalization of the Indian economy and the changing financial and business scenario, it is imperative for tomorrow's leaders to be aware of the need to be updated with regard to information and skilled to deal with situations so that they can face the emerging global challenges of international markets with confidence, while remaining committed to the upliftment of the standards of living of the country.

MALIK DEENAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES envisages the forming of determined leadership and long term vision. The managers of the future need to develop a strong vision for their companies, and most importantly, human relations skills to effectively mobilize and manage human resource, apart from having great motivational skills and leadership qualities.

The institution appreciates the earnestness of the young learners to become good managers and leaders and attempts to pave the way for excellent management education so as to fulfill their dreams and aspirations to be dynamic leaders and captains of the industry. The growing and continuous need for strong leadership can be fulfilled only through suitable industry-oriented management education.

Thus the inspirational motto of producing leaders as well as managers for the industry is the vision Malik Deenar Institute of Management Studies (MDIMS). The institution aspires to be not just a ‘B- School’ but a ‘Management School with a much broader mandate to improve and professionalize management practices of public systems and other non-business organizations as well.